Works in Progress

Short Stories

On Submission

"Reclamation"(Climate fiction, speculative) 2,300 words
(Speculative, SF, weird) 1,600 words

"Sea Walkers"
(Speculative, SF, solarpunk) 5,500 words

"Eye Catchers"
(Speculative, SF, horror) 4,000 words

"Lunar Drifter"
(Speculative, SF) 3,100 words
"Dance Dance Lion"
(Speculative, SFF) 4,030 words

(Speculative, solarpunk) 350 words
"Unquiet Girls"(Horror, Supernatural) 5,025 words
"Ghost Wall" (Psychological Horror) 3,400 words
"Ice Cream Sandwich" (Literary) 3,100 words
"Nesters" (Suspense, Contemporary) 4,200 words
"Game Show"(Literary) 4,300 words
"Steamboat"(Speculative, Literary) 999 words

Novella and Novels

Completed Novella
PitchFormer best friends Xi and Wei are Monitors, guarding an immersive nostalgic mirror of their decaying Eastern city; until Xi uncovers avatars controlled by dead users. Now, Xi must dig deep, not only for the truth, but for answers to her own identity, and a last chance at saving their friendship.
Speculative, SF, cyberpunk, femme noir. Adult fiction, novella

Approximately 37,000 words
Please email for manuscript and synopsis.

Completed Novel
PitchJustine betrayed her family to marry a scion, only to be abandoned and trapped with her father-in-law, whose dark legacy she must unmask before it claims her and her baby; but only if she can tell nightmares from reality, in his echoing brutalist house in the Singapore rainforest.
GenreContemporary, Gothic, suspense, near-historical and post-colonial (in dual timeline). Adult fiction.
Approximately 88,000 words
email for sample chapters and synopsis.

"Untitled Ecological Thriller"
Ecological thriller, psychological horror. Inspired by Southeast Asian mythology. Adult fiction, novel.

email for pitch.

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