“A world full of intensity, yearning, and moody beauty” 

-  Samit Basu, author of THE CITY INSIDE

“Boey shows she’s one to watch.” 

- Edward Ashton, author of MICKEY7

"Crackling, nostalgic cyber-noir, brimming with voice and atmosphere."

- Aubrey Wood, author of BANG BANG BODHISATTVA 

Single mum Connie Lam runs an illegal micro-casino on the first international space city with her best friend, until the murder of a former business partner crosses with the fine print on an old AI job, and locks her in a race to reclaim her life, from versions of herself.

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"Ernest Cline meets William Gibson." 

- Edward Ashton, author of Mickey7

"Will transform you, and leave you yearning."

- Samit Basu, author of The City Inside

OTHER MINDS is a world in two connected novellas. What wouldn't we build, if loss was impermanent, happiness could be constructed, and our limits were boundless?

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